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Carly Grubbs, B.F.A.
PreK-12 Physical Education Teacher


Carly graduated from Cypress Springs High School in 2017 where she maintained a full-time schedule as a student-athlete participating on the varsity high school soccer team and theater club. Prior to graduation, Carly started as a Lead Coach with Soccer Shots Houston where she developed the ability to identify and adopt her training based on the student’s skill level, age, and mood. Within two years she was promoted and named a Master Coach where she taught new hires how to become independent coaches and positive educators to the children. She was granted coordinator and leadership roles when it came to summer and winter camps and served as the Program Lead for their special needs program. While at Soccer Shots Carly was the winner of the “We Grow” Cor Value Award and Action Behaviors Center “Learning” and “Excellence” Core Value Awards. Since 2021 Carly has been serving as a registered Behavior Technician with Action Behavior Center. After 40+ RBT training hours, Carly dedicated her early days to developing trustworthy relationships with her clients. Now she is efficient at leading each child through their unique treatment plan. Since 2022 Carly has also served as PE and Soccer Coach at Discovery School of Innovation where she is responsible for developing and implementing engaging lesson plans and training sessions that challenge students while also promoting teamwork and sportsmanship. She monitors student progress and provides constructive feedback to promote skill growth. Carly prides herself at instilling values such as the importance of fun, dedication, and respect in her players, helping them to not only succeed in sports but in life as well. She has also founded her own group called Mighty Fun Sports. We had an opportunity to experience Carly’s talents in sports and with children last year when she substituted in our PE classes. The students loved having her as their substituted and asked when she could come back. . We are excited to have Carly join us this year two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays for our PreK-12 PE classes.

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