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Gina Brown, B.S.
Grades 1-2 Teacher


Gina earned her B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Houston and has Texas Educator Certifications in English, Reading, and Elementary Self-Contained, Grades 1-8 as well as certifications in Louisiana and California where she has also taught. While living abroad, she had the opportunity to volunteer in international schools where her children attended, working with students from different countries whose first language was not English. Gina has a total of nine years of classroom teaching experience in kindergarten through grade 6, including grades 1 and 2. We first knew Gina as a parent, then as a substitute teacher, and then as a CTL Team member teaching CTL’s kindergarten class from 2019-2021. Gina is philosophically aligned with CTL's vision, mission, and philosophy and is enthusiastic, energetic, positive, creative, flexible, nurturing, encouraging and compassionate. She is a learner, always excited to work with teachers and specialists from all content areas to continue her growth as a teacher and to foster a positive learning environment for her students. Gina is excited to join the CTL Team once again. She will be a great addition to our current outstanding CTL Team. We are excited to welcome her onboard!

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