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CTL To Host Writing Workshop, January 12th, 2022

Each year we conduct parent workshops for every subject at Center for Teaching & Learning. In these meetings we take parents behind the scenes allowing them to experience the same instruction their children receive during class. During the event, parents are able to see not only the what that students are learning but they will walk away with a greater understanding of the how and why. At CTL we believe that skilled instruction is a critical component of learning. We want parents to experience how we incorporate passion, innovation, and best practices in the field of education into each of our lessons!

This year we have some exciting news! CTL will be hosting a series of Writing Workshops to demonstrate our approach to teaching writing. These will be taught by Dr. Ellis and be open to both parents and the public!

What Dr. Ellis will cover:

Series 1 | How to Become a Writer: Getting Started

Series 2 | Generating Ideas: How to Find Engaging Topics

Series 3 | Teaching Revision and Grammar Through Writing

Series 1 will be held January 12th from 8:30-10 at Center for Teaching & Learning, 10431 Hufsmith Rd.

Tomball, TX 77375.

We can't wait to see you there!


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