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Why CTL?

Accredited, qualified, experienced, expert teachers

Project-Based, Inquiry-Based Teaching & Learning

Individualized Instruction

CTL is a school of inquiry that encourages and nurtures children’s innate curiosities. 

We celebrate the uniqueness of every child. 

We have certified, experienced, passionate educators who are experts in their fields and child development and who love children, teaching and learning.  

Our Appeal

  • Small School and Class Size

  • Multi-Age Classrooms

  • Positive, Caring Learning Environment

  • Highly-Qualified, Dedicated Teachers

  • Differentiated, Individualized Instruction

  • Inquiry-Based/Project-Based Teaching and Learning

  • Performance-Based Assessments

  • Character Education and Leadership Development

  • Fine Arts Enrichment Program

  • Parent and Community Involvement

  • University Partnerships

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