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This school, the Center for Teaching and Learning, is the best that could ever have happened to my children and the whole family. I have never seen such passionate, dedicated and loving teachers before.


My two girls have become very happy readers, writers and artists. They are boasting with confidence and friendship, they have developed so well academically but also socially. 


CTL has provided them with a second family! The philosophy behind their teaching methods is child-centered and builds on a strong belief in children’s natural desire to learn and grow. At CTL children are encouraged and supported in discovering and following their individual interests and talents too.


At first my younger daughter was skeptical of learning to read but she soon realized that reading was fun and is actually really easy.


My older daughter came from a traditional English private school with a challenging and fast curriculum which she managed easily but at CTL she suddenly started to “blossom” also socially as well as academically. She learned to be a strong team player and team leader.


CTL are providing insightful and engaging workshops for parents too. The reading and writing workshop this year has really been an eye opener for me - not just how kids learn at school but also how they learn and grow up in general!


                                                                                                                                           ~ Nadine Bong-Schmidt, CTL Parent

I'm so excited to be enrolling my children in CTL this year! Couldn't ask for more: great school, great staff, great philosophies, great education for my children!

~CTL Parent

I'm so glad I found this school! Built from scratch by some of the top educational professionals in the nation, this school has the foundation to become the very best. It is the perfect place for my children to learn and grow!

~CTL Parent

At CTL, students are not only taught how to learn through their innovative teaching practices but they have also managed to ignite a sense of community, respect and responsibility as a world citizen. Individual student attention is key in their plan to foster an environment where students thrive in a way that is rarely seen in today's assembly line education mentality. To see our son so eager to go to school or to tell us about his day is a testament to this superb group of educators' authentic passion for what they do. CTL is truly an oasis.

~The Bozeman Family

We recently resettled from Australia and were concerned about our Grade 1 son adjusting socially and academically. I was a teacher in Australia and had a rather critical eye over all the schools in The Woodlands and when we found this one I loved their approach to teaching and learning, and importantly the research and data that supports their curriculum development and pedagogy. The support this school has given my son is amazing and the staff are all brilliant (personality and qualifications). This school is unique and spectacular and I am thrilled my son is a part of their family!

~CTL Parent

Our family has been fortunate to be a part of the CTL community for three years now. We moved to Texas seeking a school that provided an emotionally supportive environment as well as strong academics. CTL has exceeded our expectations on both fronts. We believe in Dr. Ellis's, Mrs. Chamberlain's, and the teachers' vision for a school where teachers are empowered to build their lessons around what research shows is effective and where students are given tools and activities that allow them to think critically, work independently, and be creative. The benefits of multi-age classrooms, individually-tailored instruction, and caring and attentive staff are evident: kids interact with one another in a kind and playful way that demonstrates how this empowering approach feeds a healthy culture where love of learning, cooperation, respect of others and self, and fun are paramount. We are so grateful that our son is appropriately challenged across disciplines and heads off to school each day excited and confident!

~John Geiger, CTL Parent

Dr. Ellis and Principal Chamberlain have the learning process down! The focus is derived from an creative education-based environment that is both practical and nurturing. My daughter shadowed for half a day and she was so excited that she was able to utilize the creative side of her brain. There is some much interactivity and thirst for learning throughout the school that I am grateful I was able to find the right fit for my beautiful little girl. The experience and philosophical alignment from all the teachers at CTL definitely give me hope for the educational needs and fulfillment of my daughter...thank you CTL for being there!!! Looking forward to growing with you :)

~CTL Parent

There is a passion for teaching at CTL and this attribute is being practiced by top-notch and degreed educators. With a warm and loving staff and a vision for students to use their creative minds, we are so happy we decided to enroll our child here...her education and future are solid!

~CTL Parent

My daughter is in first grade and we have been delighted to see her flourish at CTL. There approach to teaching and learning works - my daughter is happy and excited to go to school every morning. The teachers are dynamic and engaged with the students. If you are looking for a small school with big results - CTL is great.

~CTL Parent

This school offers a much needed approach to education. It has made a world of difference in my child. The staff and teachers are talented and open. We are so happy to be part of the CTL Family!

~CTL Parent

I have a son who is smart, funny, and a great reader. He will be attending this school as a sixth grader. I can't wait for the teachers to move him through the curriculum at his own pace. He will soar! The director of the school is so passionate about education; I know the school will be a success!

~CTL Parent

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