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Our Appeal



Students who attend CTL are guided by expert teachers who develop and implement the most innovative, promising practices for teaching across the curriculum.  We are committed to recruiting and retaining expert teachers and providing the time, resources, support, and autonomy to continually develop their pedagogical skills in a collaborative, professional learning community.  

The definition of an "expert" teacher can be complex and multilayered (Berliner, 2001).  We believe that expert teachers are also committed learners.  CTL's expert teachers:

  • hold college degrees and certifications specific to their teaching assignments

  • engage in ongoing professional development to hone their craft

  • work with campus coaches who provide continual support

  • attend professional development sessions every Friday from 1:30 to 3:30 pm 

  • read professional journal articles and books

  • share teaching experiences through publishing journal articles and books, presenting at conferences, and mentoring teachers who intern at CTL

Our dedicated faculty builds a relevant curriculum based on the diverse needs and interests of each student rather than deliver a pre-packaged program. The high expectations of teachers guarantees a school-wide commitment to student success. 












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