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Our Appeal



At the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) we focus on educating the whole child with attention to all of the developmental domains:

cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.


CTL is a place where all students can reach their full potential — a vision that may be clouded in a more crowded, tradition-bound, and conventional setting. We work with students where they are, differentiating instruction so they won’t just succeed but will advance to new heights of achievement. CTL students discover their giftedness and develop habits of mind necessary for a productive, meaningful, and successful life. 



Small School and Class Size

Multi-Age Classrooms

Positive, Caring Learning Environment

Highly-Qualified, Dedicated Teachers

Differentiated, Individualized Instruction

Inquiry-Based/Project-Based Teaching and Learning

Performance-Based Assessments

Character Education and Leadership Development

Fine Arts Enrichment Program

Parent and Community Involvement

University Partnerships

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“At CTL, students are not only taught how to learn through their innovative teaching practices, but they have also managed to ignite a sense of community, respect and responsibility as a world citizen. Individual student attention is key in their plan to foster an environment where students thrive in a way that is rarely seen in today's assembly line education mentality. To see our son so eager to go to school or to tell us about his day is a testament to this superb group of educators' authentic passion for what they do. CTL is truly an oasis.”  


-The Bozeman Family 

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